Delta Tone 9000® is an inorganic, non – electrolytically applied micro layer zinc – Lamella flake coating. The cured coating has a high degree of flexibility and is therefore ideal for use on components such as springs.

Delta Tone 9000® can be used in areas exposed to heat up to 150°C and is resistant to organic solvents. Delta Tone 9000 provides bimetallic corrosion resistance when used on parts assembled to aluminium. Also ideal for use on steel, high strength steel > 1000N/mm2 and cast steel.

Delta Tone 9000® does not contain any heavy metals such as cadmium, chromium or lead etc., and complies with the requirements of the ELV and RoHS directives.

Delta Tone 9000® produces a bright silver coating with a high corrosion protection.

The outstanding corrosion resistance of Delta Tone 9000® is derived from various protection mechanisms:

– Sacrificial cathodic protection.

– Barrier-effect due to zinc and aluminium flake.

– Reaction of binding systems with base.

– Consolidation of Delta-Tone 9000® film under corrosion loading.

As a result of these corrosion features Delta Tone 9000® affords higher corrosion resistance in marine and industrial environments than many other conventional corrosion protection systems with comparable coating thickness/weights.

Resistance in SST (salt spray test) according to DIN50021 (average values):

Without coating >480 hours

With Delta Tone 9000® coating, thickness 8μ >600 hours

Delta Tone 9000® is recommended for high tensile fasteners or other components where hydrogen embrittlement needs to be avoided. Coating with Delta Tone 9000® will not result in hydrogen embrittlement. Since the stoving temperatures are between 200°C and 220°C changes in metallurgy are practically excluded. Delta Tone 9000® has an excellent penetration capacity combined with extremely good substrate surface wetting characteristics so that even components of a complicated geometry such as tension springs may be effectively coated.