Do [35] [40] [50] [60]
Lo [40] [45] [50] [55] [60] [65] [70] [75] [80] [90] [100] [125] [150] [175] [200] [250] [300]

Die spring, for very light loads. Rectangular wire high force compression spring, manufactured to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) and RoHS compliant.

High quality and long lasting, these springs are temperature tolerant from -30°C to 120°C.

Custom made springs are available, please contact us for further details


High grade alloy spring steel with characteristics to be found in automotive engine valve springs. Laboratory and dynamically performance tested.

Both ends closed and ground square to the axis.

All springs are compressed to solid to eliminate initial free length reduction.

Shot peened to reduce stress levels and improve working life.

Epoxy resin coating as standard – Delta Tone 9000 coating available on request.