DH-hole diameter [16] [19] [25] [32] [38]
LO-free length [020] [025] [030] [035] [040] [050] [075] [100] [125] [150] [200]

Our heaviest load die springs, the W range of ROHS compliant springs have features that are unparalleled on the market thanks to superior production technology.They have 6 times more maximum force compared to our ISO extra strong yellow springs, and over twice the maximum force of the ultra strong silver springs.

The hole diameters and the rod dimeters for inside guiding are equivalent to ISO 10243. All maximum working forces are achieved with only one spring, and multiple couplings of springs are not required.

These springs are ideal for applications that require extremely high loads with short working strokes that have to run for the maximum time possible without maintenance. Ideal for difficult environments, with high temperatures and with large amounts of contaminants. High quality and long lasting, these springs are temperature tolerant from 120°C to -30°C.


High grade alloy spring steel to UNI 3545, DIN17221, DIN17223.

Special cross section wires reduce stress levels.

Closed & ground square ends.

Close controlled heat treatment.

Shot peening and setting.

Epoxy resin coating as standard – Delta Tone 9000 coating available on request.